• Volkswagen Troubleshooting and Computer Diagnostics

    At Modern Specialists, we’re here when you need us the most. When your Volkswagen isn’t running right or when you just can’t figure out where that “noise” is coming from, our expert factory trained Volkswagen technicians will diagnose your problem and estimate your repair costs. We use advanced Computer Diagnostics to find the answers quickly so we can repair your problems and leave you worry free.

  • Volkswagen Oil, Filter Change, Lube Service and Preventative Maintenance

    Modern Specialists provides both conventional oil and synthetic oil to meet every Volkswagen’s needs. At Modern Specialists, we always use Volkswagen OEM oil filters to make sure your Volkswagen runs at top performance. Each service also includes a full inspection of your Volkswagen including checking all fluids and topping off with factory grade fluids and lube service. Our Volkswagen inspections also include performing the appropriate factory maintenance checks, and scanning all fault memory, and resetting the factory service reminders to make sure your Volkswagen keeps running at its best.

  • Volkswagen Suspension and Steering

    What is that noise? Come find out when you bring your Volkswagen to Modern Specialists for a Volkswagen Suspension and Steering inspection. Our factory trained Volkswagen technicians will check all aspects of your suspension and steering including power steering pump and hose, power steering fluid, tie rod ends, steering rack, ball joints, control arms bushings and wheel bearings.

  • Volkswagen Clutch and Transmission

    At Modern Specialists, we will check the condition of your Volkswagen clutch, manual or automatic transmission and recommend repairs based on our analysis. Don’t wait until it’s too late. A failed clutch or transmission can damage other Volkswagen components including the engine.

  • Volkswagen Engines and Turbochargers

    At Modern Specialists, our expert Technicians will diagnose and repair any engine or turbocharger problem. We can also repair, replace or have your engine rebuilt.

  • Volkswagen Scheduled Factory Maintenance

    Your Volkswagen’s maintenance schedule varies based on the year, model and engine of your vehicle. Regular maintenance is important to keep your your Volkswagen running at it’s best. Modern Specialists of Boulder provides the inspection, repair, and replacement of every component on your Volkswagen, based on the manufacturer’s requirements. We also inspect the suspension, drive train components, belts, battery, tires, brakes, wipers, fluids and lights on every Volkswagen. Our trained factory trained Volkswagen technicians will perform a full diagnostic scan of all the modules in your Volkswagen. Will make service recommendations based the factory’s scheduled maintenance and our expert inspection. You can check online or in your owner’s manual for Volkswagen specific mileage-based maintenance or simply call Modern Specialists at 303-443-1540.

  • Volkswagen Extended Warranty Repair

    If you purchased an extended warranty after your factory warranty expired or if you bought your Volkswagen used, we work with many after-market extended warranty companies. At Modern Specialists, we keep your Volkswagen in top running condition while keeping down your repair costs.

  • Volkswagen Air Conditioning Service and Repair

    At Modern Specialists, we evacuate and test your Volkswagen Air Conditioning system. Our Technicians will diagnose the system and replace failing parts or recharge your Volkswagen Air Conditioning if necessary.

  • Volkswagen Tune Up

    At Modern Specialists, we help you keep up with regular preventive maintenance on your Volkswagen. We check with the Volkswagen maintenance schedule and will change filters and spark plugs in order to keep your Volkswagen in peak performance.
    Schedule your next oil change at with Modern and we will check your Volkswagen maintenance schedule and recommend an Volkswagen tune up if you need it.

  • Volkswagen Radiators and Coolant Systems

    At Modern Specialists, our Technicians inspect the entire cooling system, radiator and hoses of your Volkswagen to maintain a consistent running temperature to prevent engine damage. Volkswagen coolant systems and radiators should be flushed every two years. We can combine the Volkswagen coolant system flush with an oil change or regular maintenance to save you time and money.

  • Volkswagen Used Car Evaluations

    It is always good to have a used Volkswagen inspected and evaluated before your purchase. At Modern Specialists, our trained Technicians perform a complete inspection of the Volkswagen and give you the information you need to make an educated decision on your purchase.

  • Volkswagen Starters, Alternators and Replacement Batteries

    Volkswagen starters, alternators and batteries should be checked yearly. It’s never good to have your Volkswagen fail to start on a cold winter’s day. At Modern Specialists, we are expert in diagnosing your Volkswagen charging system.

  • Volkswagen Brake Repair

    Traveling on Colorado’s mountain roads with your Volkswagen requires brakes you can depend on. At Modern Specialists, we will conduct a yearly brake inspection and our expert diagnostic technicians will troubleshoot any problems to make sure your brakes work effectively.

  • Volkswagen Fuel Systems

    At Modern Specialists, we will check and maintain your Volkswagen fuel system including fuel injectors, fuel filters and fuel pumps to make sure your Volkswagen runs at peak performance and fuel economy.

  • Volkswagen Electrical Systems

    At Modern Specialists, we will check and maintain your Volkswagen Electrical Systems to make sure your Volkswagen runs at peak efficiency and safety.

  • Volkswagen Timing Belt Service

    If the timing belt in your Volkswagen breaks, the result could be an expensive engine repair or replacement. Modern Specialists can replace the timing belt and associated components before they fail. Depending on your Volkswagen’s service interval, timing belts should be replaced every 75 to 90 thousand miles and should never be postponed past the recommended service interval for your Volkswagen year and model.