Cass in Boulder

“If you’re looking for that illusive honest mechanic, this is the place to go with your German car. These guys talk straight and deal with you in good faith. I will never go anywhere else as long as this place exists!

I apparently needed to have my front brakes replaced. I brought my 750li here since i was less than impressed with the local dealership. I got what I thought was a great price ($400-ish dollars), so I had them do the work. Very friendly and the owner was patient with my other kind of anal requests (I’m kind of particular about car repairs and getting taken by mechanics).

Brakes get done and there is a knocking sound when I hit the brakes at certain speeds, which I found unacceptable. I call the owner, bring the car back in, and they take apart the brakes and find no problem. I drive the car again, hear the knocking again, and call the owner back the next day. He asks if I could come in when the mechanic who did the work was on his break, which I did. The mechanic rides with me and doesn’t hear the knocking, so he drove the car and then heard what I was hearing, and told me that he thinks it was a coating that the manufacturer puts on the brakes that will come off in a few days. If it’s still there in a few days, let them know again. I say I’ll give it a few days and see how it is. The next day, no more knocking, so it was apparently the coating.
The bottom line – 1) the owner never lost his patience, and continued to do what he had to do to make me, the customer, happy 2) the mechanic spent 25 minutes of his break time to help me out 3) I walked away a happy customer.

I am very aware that they could have just as easily brushed me off, as many places do once you pay the bill. Kudos to Modern Specialists! If I still lived in CO, they’d be my go-to mechanic, hands down! The bad thing is, now I have to find another go-to place…….” – By Cass