Sarah Lindsay

As a female, I feel very comfortable going to Modern Specialists. I trust them to fix my car correctly and not take advantage of the fact that I’m a woman.

I have had my 2005 BMW 325xi worked on by Ben, one of the mechanics, twice now and he is always fast, efficient, and honest. He will call me to tell me what he found, how is going to fix it, if he found any other issues, and how bad those other issues are.

For example the last time I brought it in because my CV Boot was cracked so he had to replace the axle. He called to give me an update (my car was going to be done hours earlier than I expected!) as well as tell me that he looked over my car and everything looked good except the oil pan gasket was leaking and should be replaced in the next 30,000 miles or so. This wasn’t really surprising news since it has been leaking oil for a few months now and my fiance and I have replaced everything that could be leaking oil except the oil pan gasket.

When we went in to pick up the car Scott, the owner, was there and was extremely nice. He greeted us, chatted about Ben and my car and went through the charges with me on the invoice.

I will only bring my car to Modern Specialists from now on and I will probably only let Ben work on it since he has proven himself in the past! Thank you Scott and Ben! – Sarah Lindsay